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Jesus Quotes: Important Benefits of Reading Biblical Quotes

As Christians, we need to start every new year with a heart, mind, and soul for prayer, reading the Bible, and reading Jesus’ quotes despite our busy schedule. More than nurturing your body with a healthy food, it is crucial to also feed your spirituality with God’s Word by reading the Bible and getting inspired by Jesus’ quotes. Even for some Christians, they don’t even bother to pray or read the Bible on their spare time. Why is it essential to read the Bible regularly? Why do you need to make it a big deal? Reading the Bible is a way of being familiar to God’s Words and a way for us to know Jesus more.

Reading the Scripture and Bible verses helps us to know God’s divine plan, how everything started, and what we need to expect in the future. In the real sense, there is a huge difference between just merely knowing God and personally knowing God. A lot of people say that they know God through the teachings of different religious leaders such as priests and pastors, but the true way of knowing God is your personal experience as you read Jesus’ quotes and the Scriptures. However, the truth is that we only know a portion of God. The Bible is the source of truth about life, sin, our mortality, death, how we can be saved, and Jesus’ life. Reading bible quotes and verses can help you to specifically relate them to your life, seek enlightenment, and serve as inspiration, motivation, and drive to go on with your life. Through Jesus’ quotes, we are able to learn the message of Christ and the truth about salvation. The Bible reveals more than the food for our soul, it sends a message of truth about how people can achieve eternal salvation on Christ’s second coming.

Every day, we are facing challenges and trials like health problems, depression, low self-confidence, work-related matters, loneliness, self-doubt, fear, and anxiety. It seems like the source of our happiness are centered on earthly things such as achieving financial freedom, running a successful business, buying the most expensive phone or gadget, or acquiring real estate properties. Though we can all agree that our faith and spirtuality are struggling, it is never too late to start the habit of reading the Bible, internalizing biblical quotes, and praying. It is hard to be contented, so we strive to always be the best, but genuine happiness and contentment can be achieved by knowing Jesus, His humble ways, and His teachings. Be inspired and motivated every day with daily Biblical quotes, feel free to check them on our website now.

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